Our Vision

  • To facilitate technology transfers from academia to commercial sectors.
  • To develop new and exciting applications from current state-of-the-art technologies.
  • To create affordable-to-all solutions to current world problems using existing and brand new technologies.

Our Mission

We believe that the development of the technology and information ages will have an unimaginable impact on the world. We want to be in the front of this transformative wave. We believe that like smart-phones, tablets and other high speed information infrastructures, nanostructures will allow for both increased rates of development of new technologies and make those technologies available to everyone, independent of country, class or wealth.
By sharing knowledge and experience, we will create the future; real solutions to all the worlds’ problems.

Looking for Biomedical EngineeringNanotechnologyChemicalsMicrofluidics Consulting?

Ankara, February 2013, two friends and former researchers from Bogazici University are sitting drinking coffee and discussing their current projects and the research going on in top Turkish universities. This was a pretty typical evening except for one thing, this was the evening that Corlam was born. Although they had undertaken small consulting jobs in the past for Turkish companies and organization, that night it was decided that they should form a company to take the wealth of academic knowledge and apply it the needs of Turkish and international companies.

Thus, Corlam was born. Within 2 month the company had its seed funding and first projects. Over the next 3 years the company grew with public and privately funded research and development projects spanning biomedical engineering, chemistry, formulation science, nanotechnology and microfluidics.


Joined the Bilkent Cyberpark

Our company moved to Bilkent Cyperpark B building.


Next Generation tissue engineering

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey supported our company for a 1003 project.


Support from TEB Bank Girişimevi

TEB BNP baribass bank entrepreneurship program start to support our company



Our company was founded in 2013 with the support of Turkish Republic Ministry of Scinece and Technology.

Do you need

Professional ConsultingValuable IdeasExcellent TimingBudget Friendly Approach

We are ready to serve you professional consulting with valuable ideas, excellent timing, and budget-friendly approach.

Budget Friendly

We offer budget friendly services.

Biomedical Engineering

We have expertise in Biomedical engineering.


We apply nanotechnology to the industry.


We  design flow chemistry formulations.

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